Edmonton Food Bank


Posted on May 06, 2014


Oxford Properties Group, Edmonton’s Food Bank, and UWalk, have joined forces to promote a healthier lifestyle. The campaign runs for the month of May with a goal to walk a collective 5 million step and raise 5 million grams (11,000 lbs) of food for Edmonton’s Food Bank. Downtown workers are encouraged to start walking and track their progress through UWalk and bring food or monetary donations to Guest Services at Edmonton City Centre.

Edmonton’s City Centre has enlisted some high profile Edmontonians to publicly commit to a walking goal for the month. You can see banners of our local celebrities hanging throughout Edmonton City Centre.

“The charitable component is the Edmonton Food Bank. It makes sense that when we think of becoming healthier, we think of both diet and exercise. The STEP program is not only encouraging people to move forward with exercise, but also to move forward in sharing healthy nutrition for those less fortunate” ~ Greg Burns, BPR, Marketing Director, Oxford Properties Group